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We are the leading company providing prompt and accurate square footage of residential properties


Our Mission

Our objective is to provide accurate and quality floor plans of homes for real estate agents, buyers, sellers, landlords, insurance agents, and more. The sketches include information on square footage totals, room dimensions, floor coverings, and the general layout of the house, decks, and patios.

We service all of Northern Colorado and the Denver areas

Appraisal Dimensions, LLC
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Meet the Team

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(970) 481-4541

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(970) 217-8775

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Benefits of Creating a Certified Floor Plan of Your Home


  • Visual aid for buyers via brochures and a picture in MLS

  • Helps both Buyers and Brokers remember your listing

  • Send to out of town buyers

  • Visualize furniture placement

  • Buyers like to send to family and friends

  • Sellers benefit from all of the above

Allows for Better Pricing

  • Know exactly how much or how little square footage you have

  • Better to find out now than after it is under contract

  • Builder plans may not be accurate if it wasn't built to spec

  • Builder plans may not be accuare if changes were made

  • County records are often inaccurate

Reduce Your Liability

Attach to your square footage disclosure and put with the MLS
Advertising too much or too little square footage can cause legal issues

Reduce Buyer/Seller Discrepancy

If an appraisal is done after it goes under contract the square footage will be calculated. If you find out at this point in time that you have advertised too much or too little square footage, someone is going to be unhappy and you may be back to the negotiating table

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